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The five major spider species in Melbourne are:
White Tail Spider

Can be identified by its long cigar shaped body and distinctive white tip on the tail. Usually found inside homes at floor level hiding under household or office items.

Wolf Spiders

Are almost identical to White Tail Spiders without the white tip. Similar habits to White Tail Spiders but are generally less common.


Are a relatively large spider that move very fast when approached and can exhibit a aggressive behavior when provoked. Often seen on walls and ceilings and does not attempt to hide.

Black House Spider

Is usually an “outside” spider that builds lots of messy and disorganised webs around windows and under eaves. They particularly like the areas under patio roofs with skylights. Also common in gardens, along fences, in playground equipment, on clotheslines, and under the lip of the council ‘wheelie bins’.

Redback Spider

Also known as the Black Widow, they are highly venomous, the female Redback lives in an untidy web in a warm sheltered location, commonly near or inside human residences.

Some people happily tolerate the presence of spiders whilst others cannot bear the thought of them. Our professional spider control service is important for people with a real fear of spiders but also to control a large or repeat infestation. The treatments that we provide are effective at controlling your existing problem and guarantee a complete removal of your infestation. Our technicians have expert knowledge about spider species and can offer advice on how to spot the early signs of future infestations to enable quick and effective targeted treatment for your home or business.

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