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The most common cockroaches reaching havoc in Melbourne are:

  • The German Cockroach: when all is quite at night and when the lights are out, lots of small greyish brown insects appear from behind fridges, microwaves, ovens and from within cupboards, it is almost always the German Cockroach. This species is the most difficult of all the roach species to eliminate with DYI products from the supermarket or hardware shops (DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE PRODUCTS)
  • The Native Australian or The Garden Roach: appearing inside on a regular basis are the large dark reddish brown cockroaches (with a yellow marking behind the head). They are found on the walls or on the floor of any room of the house, not just the kitchen or bathrooms. This species is the native to Australia and is a common outside pest that often finds its way inside.
  • The American Cockroaches: are large brown cockroaches with a white head or a stripe down their backs that are found in dark cupboards or behind fridges, ovens, stored items, mainly in kitchen and adjoining areas. These are not particularly common roaches in Melbourne however their presence does vary from year to year.

Modern cockroach control employs a number of products and methods that are non-hazardous to humans but lethal to all cockroach species.

Largely the products and methods used will depend on the cockroach species and whether a treatment needs to be employed externally, internally, or a combination of both. Including follow up visits for further treatments if required. Contact the specialists at EX Pest and get your cockroach control service booked now.

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