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Rat Control

Rarely seen but often heard, quietly scratching in the roof or wall

Rats are common and abundant –The rat that we encounter in our homes are commonly known as the Roof Rats. They prefer to live in the security and warmth of the roof, feeding on anything that can get a hold of. They especially love to nibble on fruits from your garden. The biggest risk posed by Rats is not just the germs and diseases that they can spread via contamination but rather damage to electrical wiring and insulation that can cause a catastrophe.

Discreet Rodent Control on your Property

Our modern and effective Rat Control specifically targets the pest with no risk or adverse effect on pets or family, and no unfavorable effects on non-target animals.

Mice Control

As Melbourne has grown, so has the numbers of the common Mouse. Due to their small size the immature mice find their way into homes via the smallest gaps and holes in your property. Once inside they breed quickly and can be difficult to eliminate and can make living very uncomfortable.

The four most common situations that mice are potentially a problem in Melbourne homes:

  • Food is spoiled and droppings are found in food cupboards pantry area, or cupboards under sink. These are the most common places for mice.
  • Physical activity such as a mouse being seen darting across a room and disappearing into small gaps, behind furniture or an appliance is also a clear indication.
  • When items and personal belongings are in storage areas, sub-floors, garages and sheds can become infested by mice, often shredding the contents for nesting materials and staining areas leaving an obnoxious odor.
  • Noises and scratching heard in roof areas, in walls, and often from beneath the floor, can often indicate a fairly substantial mouse infestation.
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