Why do you need termite protection for your new home?

All-Year Round Termite Protection for Homes and Businesses in Melbourne.

It’s commonly thought that termites are only active during the spring season but the harsh truth is that termites are active all year round. They can show up at your home any day of the month, any month of the year. Living in a brick or stone house does not mean that it’s impervious to termites. Termites are able to naturally adapt and colonise anywhere they can, no matter how inhospitable the place is. In an “impervious” building, you won’t avoid the termites. You will just have a harder time noticing the termite infestation until the damage has already been done.

Why do you need termite control for commercial properties?

Termites can also affect business operations. Most business owners are surprised to find out that termites do not only eat wood, they can also damage books, paper, filtering systems, and even insulation. The best way to prevent expensive damage to your building is to invest some funds in a termite protection system. Take action right now and get some real termite protection for your peace of mind.